What JUNK!

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I’ve been working with home computers since 1979, and I’ve been creating products for them since I was a kid. I take pride in the polish I put into products. If something is a single pixel off, I see to it that it is fixed.

And yet multi-billion dollar corporations happily crank out utter shit and no one is the wiser. Take Coinbase (please!) Just look at this:


OK, so what is that you are looking at, you ask?

That’s the screen you look at when you want to buy something.

Is is alphabetized? NO.

Can you type in what you want to buy directly? NO.

Is it nothing but than a goddamned scrollable list of coins in a totally useless order? YES!

Holy GOD, put ME in charge. Of EVERYTHING. Maybe this is why their stock sucks whale:

slopechart COIN

But at least their service is totally reliable. From this morning: