Remember Statistics

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The Slope website is crammed with so many features, it’s extremely easy to lose sight of them. This happens even to me. Just now, I remembered the Statistics Mode in the SlopeMatrix product, and there’s a wealth of interesting data in there. With one click you can instantly sort the components of any of your watch lists and see, for example, what the biggest gainers have been so far in 2021………..


…….as well as the biggest losers:


You can also find out which companies have the most lunatic P/E ratios in this unhinged times. Even Starbucks, which is pretty far down the list, has an eye-crossing P/E ratio of 150. How many mediocre-tasting espresso drinks are they expected to sell? Good Lord!


Just remember, you’ll find the greatest concentration of helpful materials about Slope cloistered under the Help menu. Please check it out!