Equity Curves

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At the risk of contradicting myself about not wanting to add more bells and whistles, I want to give you virtual traders a peek at something new.

good news everyone

Thanks to a fine idea by our own TNRevolution, you can now chart your virtual account equity curve with the symbol $VIRTUAL

slopechart VIRTUAL

As you can see, you can mark it up just like you would any chart. But, hey, let’s not be self-centered. Remember, there are plenty of other traders out there.


We’ve also created the ability to chart the equity curve of any other trader too! Let’s say I wanted to see the equity graph of Rich Ruscio. I’d use the same symbol, $VIRTUAL, and then add his name at the end. Now, spaces are not permitted, so I just leave that out. So I punch in $VIRTUALRICHRUSCIO and……….



So now anyone can be a voyeur as I struggle to rebuild my account which I nearly blew up over the past week.


Enjoy the new feature!