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There has been some interest bubbling on Slope about NFTs, so I’m educating myself more deeply. I have stumbled upon one of the hot sites around, and again, I must conclude that either (a) I have become an utterly out-of-step fuddy-duddy or (b) the world has gone batshit insane. Allow me to present to you an image which sold recently for nearly $8 million. I would mention as an aside that is what I got for my company, Prophet, back in 2005.


No, I’m serious. That’s actually it. Someone paid over $7,500,000 for the image above (and you get it here for free!) Here are some other recent high-end sales:


Some of you are probably as puzzled as I am. These are 24 by 24 pixel images, sort of like what you would expect from an Atari 400XL back in the day. And they’ve got thousands of these goddamned things available, in case you’re worried about missing out:


Maybe I’m an idiot and just don’t get it. Or maybe this is just like what the late Robin Williams said about cocaine: it’s God’s way of telling you that you have too much money.