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My neighborhood has long puzzled as to why Marissa Mayer bought the only funeral home left in town. When she did so initially, she suggested she might turn the mortuary into a women’s club. But it has sat there for years, devoid of dead bodies or much of anything else.

Until this morning. I was walking my dogs, as I always do, and the walls of the ex-funeral home were festooned with original art work of honey bears in various kinds of outfits.


This place is right across the street from an elementary school, so it seems that kid-friendly themes were used (art, chemistry, eating popcorn, skiing, wizards, etc.). Oh, by the way, the one on the left in the picture below is Stanford’s mascot, the Stanford Tree, one of the most intentionally-lame mascots ever devised.


Just to give you a sense as to where this is going on, here’s a map which I’ve helpfully augmented with the location of the funeral parlor and Marissa’s Palo Alto residence: