The Virtue of Patience

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Sheesh. This is embarrassing.

Late last Friday, I did a premium post called I’m Going Back! in which I declared that there were three cryptos I really liked, and I was going to put an even amount in each of them (I put in $5,000 each, for $15k total). The coins were $ALGO, $ATOM, and $ENJ. It hasn’t even been a full 7 days yet, and all THREE are profitable, one of them nicely so (click image for better readability). Here is CryptoStream:


Well, prancing, hair-dressing, effete, antique-shopper that I am, I got spooked by some weakness and got out. So, yeah, I managed to take a small loss instead of enjoying the profits shown above. Proving yet again I am a vastly better chartist than trader. It’s a real shame, because I think these three coins look better than ever now!

slopechart ALGO
slopechart ATOM
slopechart ENJ

Oh, and there’s this: