The Why Axis

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Recently I mentioned how my development efforts are going to be focused on quality as opposed to gizmos. I wanted to offer a specific example today, Sunday, one of the seven working days of the week.

For those of you who use SlopeCharts in intraday mode (that is, minute bars), you may have noticed that the x-axis has been, ever since the creation of the product, an embarrassing train wreck:


Slopers are a gentle bunch, so no one griped or complained about it after all these years. But I always knew it was broken.

Well, instead of adding the umpteenth drawing tool or indicator, we decided to fix this once and for all. Thus – – although it’s not worthy of a press release – – the x-axis no longer sucks.


Although I’m laying off creating gizmos, I am not refraining from using them. On Saturday morning, I put out a solicitation for Slopers to join me in my room that I set up, and precisely zero people contacted me about it. (Disappointed!) I even got VR Goggles for this thing, which just arrived today. Meh. I might try again, with the hope that a few of you are still in the double-digit age range and might want to try something new with me.