Seven Zombies

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If you are not familiar with the term “zombie company”, it is an organization whose earnings before interest, depreciation, and taxes are insufficient to cover the interest payments alone. In a normal world, the word for such an organization would be “broke” or perhaps “bankrupt.” These days, however, with infinite free money to borrow, these dead companies remain eerily alive, and their collective value has exploded to over $6 trillion.


I was curious what kinds of organizations these should-be-dead firms were, so I plucked out the top seven of them. I’ve got to say, on the whole, the stock charts don’t particularly look like places that should be all rights be in bankruptcy court. What a weird world we live in today.

slopechart MAT
slopechart RUN
slopechart BE
slopechart SGMS
slopechart SPWR
slopechart KW
slopechart COOP