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Confession time.

Last week, I offered up a short-sale idea to my beloved premium members related to Charter Communications. That trade worked out brilliantly. However, in an act that is not alien to my history, I got into position, got scared, got out, took a small loss, and then watched the stock collapse. During times like this, I offer myself some very inventive names, many of them related to my sexual preference as well as my general weakness of character.

Right on the heels of this, I offered a short-sale idea to even non-paying people here about Wayfair. As before, I got into position, got scared, and got out with a small loss. The difference this time is that my psychological wounds from my CHTR fuck-up were still fresh, so I chastised myself and got right back into Wayfair. That was yesterday.

Well, it’s a good thing, because if I had stayed out of position and witnessed what W did this morning, my self-flagellation and insults would have been raised to an entirely new level. What a dope!

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