Breeding Ground

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I was quite intrigued by this item from the crypto firm Kraken (which is a very successful, extremely highly-valued organization that I have as my own crypto broker). Their headquarters has always been in San Francisco until this…………

See, Jesse Powell decided enough was enough. Running a business in a city in which drugs are openly bought and sold, homeless people and drug addicts litter the sidewalks, cars are broken into constantly, and people crap right on the sidewalk gets a little old after a while. And lest you think Mr. Powell is some stick-in-the-mud, old school, fuddy-duddy, I present to you his photograph. He’s obviously about the most “tech-bro” dude on the planet, and even he has decided that S.F. sucks out loud.

To be clear, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I have since 1979, but I’ve never lived in the city itself. My home is about half an hour’s drive south of there. I used to really enjoy going to “the city”, but now I go only when absolutely necessary.

For many years, San Francisco was the number one tourist destination on Earth (cable cars, Alcatraz, Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, and so on) but, again, it’s just twenty miles or so from where I live, and I literally go there maybe once per year. I mean, it’s so bad that there are apps that let you keep track of where human shit is in the city, and in what abundance, so you can try to sidestep it.

And who are the leaders of this fallen metropolis. Well, the two top dogs are Mayor London Breed, who is shown here in all her spherical glory:

And her right-hand man, her District Attorney, the completely weird-looking and, like his boss, weirdly-named, Chesa Boudin.

Now, London Breed grew up in the projects (oh, sorry, Public Housing Development) in San Francisco, and Chesa was the son of two convicted terrorist murderers. For some reason, they were chosen to lead the city. Chesa (again, what the hell kind of name is that?) has a soft spot in his heart for criminals – – he’s a good son, I suppose, in that respect – – and thus has been incredibly lenient with all manner of human trash in his domain. Crime is pretty much not punished anymore, and everyone knows it.

Of course, over the past couple of years the man has been in office, the criticism has been mounting. He has managed to blame everyone and everything except himself, and he’s got his share of defenders.

Here, on his Twitter feed (on which he has helpfully pandered to the Asian American community by putting what I suppose is his name in Chinese) he is sharing a tweet which lets him (the D.A., remember) totally off the hook regarding crime in SF by saying he “hasn’t had an impact one way or another.” I mean, that’s kind of being damned with faint praise, since one would hope that a D.A. has an “impact” on crime, but at least the writer hasn’t reached the logical conclusion that he’s, ya know, pretty much entirely to blame. In any case, he wasted no time sharing this tidbit stating that None Of This Is His Fault.

And the replies to the tweet chime right in, agreeing it is “absurd” to suggest that crime against Kraken’s employees has anything to do with Chesa. Indeed, the second reply below actually lays the blame on the tech companies themselves, for having the audacity to create demand for housing “beyond the means of many people.”

The population of San Francisco hasn’t taken entire leave of its senses, however. They have put together a recall election of Mr. Boudin, which, let’s face it, is a pretty big deal. It is extremely rare for a district attorney’s job to be threatened, and yet in just a few weeks, they’re going to get a chance to send this gap-toothed moron to the curb.

And lest you think the voters agree with Chesa that he’s a victim in all of this, I would note polls show 68% are in favor of the recall. That is an incredible number. I think if you did a poll asking whether puppies are cute, you wouldn’t get a figure higher than 68%. So this guy is doomed.

Oh, and one last thing. Any time I share something related to California or the Bay Area that is negative, I get a response from those who don’t live here along the lines of “well, you get what you vote for.” This is normally stated with a smirk, that lib-tards are so stupid that they deserve the horrible government they naively voted into office.

There are some important things to note about California:

  • It’s a very, very big state;
  • There is in fact an enormous range of political dispositions here, ranging from the completely empty-headed socialist idiocy described above all the way out to points of view that would even make the red-hat-wearing freaks embarrassed. (Simplistically speaking, the left wing is concentrated in the larger cities and many of the wealthy suburbs, whereas the right wing is in agricultural cities and rural areas – – places like Bakersfield, Fresno, and the like).
  • From any given point in the Bay Area, you could travel about five miles in any direction and find yourself in an utterly different socioeconomic and political environment.

So don’t get it in your head that I championed these lunatics and “deserve” it somehow. I don’t live there, I don’t vote there, and I sure don’t visit there like I used to.

I’m glad this sucktastic D.A. is getting shown the door (albeit two years too late), and I applaud Kraken for voting with its feet, and its massive amount of cash, by getting the hell out of a city which they gave every chance in the world to set itself right. I suspect plenty of other companies will do the same, and eventually Mayor Breed will look around and find herself in command of a seven by seven mile chunk of land mostly crawling with needle-loving junkies, criminals, and other charming low-lifes.