Economic DB Features Upgrade

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This is only relevant for Platinum members, since they have exclusive access to it, but I wanted everyone to know, especially those toying with the idea of a premium membership.

The Economic Database portion of SlopeCharts is one of my favorite features, but it’s also one I have found frustrating for a few reasons:

  • I kept being presented with data series that had been discontinued long ago and were therefore no longer useful (keep in mind, there are literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of charts available);
  • There was no control over granularity so that, for instance, if I really wanted finely-grained daily data, I had no interest in, let’s say, yearly or quarterly data, but I had to hack through it anyway;
  • I didn’t have a way to tease out long-term data, which is always my favorite;
  • When I made a selection, I had to close the dialog box and see if the graph was useful to me. If I wanted a different graph, I’d have to go through the entire process again with the dialog box of hacking my way through different dropdowns.

We have addressed every one of these problems.

In the dialog box, you will see a new checkbox called Show Filters which gives you more control (the real meat of this project was dealing with the back-end database; the UI fixes were trivial).

If you check it, you will be presented with a variety of important controls. With these new controls, you can:

  1. Include or exclude Discontinued data;
  2. Include or exclude a variety of data based on granularity (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly);
  3. Sort based on when the data sets Start;
  4. Sort based on when the data sets End

You will also see a new button, Preview, which lets you see the entire graph for a few moments and then be returned to the dialog box. This lets you get a sneak peek before committing yourself to closing the dialog.

In celebration of these cool improvements, and in honor of the fact I just acquired more real estate, here is a chart of U.S. housing prices for the past half century!