Thanks, Semi-Jim

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During the preposterous run-up in prices that terminated on March 29th, one of the first sectors I wanted to re-short was semiconductors. I got puts on AMD (July $130) and NVDA (July $300). How pleased I was yesterday morning to see Jim “I’ve out-Gartman’d Gartman” Cramer with this, the first of a number of tweets about him being an eager beaver about AMD.

The results were predictable.

Then, today, there was a new gem, this time, on NVDA. I mean, seriously, this guy is paid $5 million a year for insights like this? That the fact he heard a Walmart somewhere doesn’t have Xbox means Nvidia is a bargain? What a ma-roon!

Anyway, same man, same result.

Earth has long since reached the only logical conclusion.