Complete Clarity

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I have been, as perhaps some of you, torturing myself over what I could have done differently on June 16th. That was, of course, the market’s bottom so far, and a perfect time to get rid of EVERY short and go ENTIRELY long.

As it stands now, the Fibonacci retracements are totally clear, and I look and think to myself, “What kind of moron would have held on when the Fib was getting hit like that?” And then I wonder to myself, was I even WATCHING these same retracement levels? Maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

Turns out………...nope, I’m not being hard ENOUGH on myself. I had identified these exact levels long before the bottom, and I went and reviewed my posts from June 13-17, right when the market was bottoming, and I knew EXACTLY WHAT WAS GOING ON, and I said EXACTLY WHAT I SHOULD DO.

Did I do it? No. Why? Because I’m a goddamn idiot, in spite of being a brilliant chartist. Ugh!

Just look at these snippets, and try to resist the temptation to vomit right down my mouth in fury:

I had the presence of mind to take a selfie when I was making trading decisions in mid-June:

The only silver lining to this? The SAME FIBONACCIS have topped out and, if God has mercy, the market is about to get destroyed.

For the love of my personal savior, Jesus H. Christ, if we plunge and hit a major level again, fly to Palo Alto, tie my stupid ass up, close out of all my positions, and kick me directly in the nuts if I protest.