Moving Above Averages

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Everywhere I look, folks are talking about how the S&P is at its 200-day moving average again. I’m not sure what they’re talking about. To my eyes, it crossed over that a long time ago. I do think it is worthwhile to observe what the 50/100/200 day exponential moving averages are doing with the big indexes, however. I have deliberately hidden the price bars, since they are just noise for our purposes.

As usual, click on any chart for a big version. You’ll note there have been no bullish crossovers yet. None.

How about the chart below? It definitely had some bullish strength at times, didn’t it? And I’m sure people went long, thinking they were getting stocks on sale. The chart below is 1930-1932, incidentally. So be careful about dropping to your knees and worshipping the power of crossovers. These things tend to move at a glacial pace, and as stated above, nothing bullish has even happened yet.

As I am typing this, Bear Force One launches in 20 hours. You’re going to see me getting increasingly quiet as that approaches, and I’ll once again call out to TNRevolution, Wizard, NFTRH, and you other kind Slopers that send content to me, because over the next two weeks, I’ll need it more than ever. (And for those of you who have something to contribute but haven’t done so yet, just email it to me for serious consideration!)

Thank you, all.