Powell’s Enormous Hole

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Greetings from rainy, cicada-noisy, dog-loving North Carolina. In spite of sneering suggestions from a certain troll to reject “mysticism” and respect only “rationality“, I did try to give everyone the heads-up in my weird prophetic lunacy:

Since then, the bull swine have been suffering the simple fact that I am not presently in my beloved Palo Alto. I intend to stay far away until they get the down-beat they so richly deserve (which would actually be an S&P 500 at 0.00, but I want to come back at some point).

You can see the effects of this in the NASDAQ also. It was only a week ago that the corporate welfare queens known as equity bulls were celebrating a breakout above a key trendline as well as a breakout above a bullish formation. Both of these have utterly failed, and the bulls have nothing to fall back on except for vermin such as Jim Cramer and Adam Neumann. It will not end well for them.

The end of this week features Jackson Hole, of course, which is where the most evil human beings on the planet gather together to plot how to carve up things for themselves and their buddies. It’s truly a shame that such a glorious, God-blessed place has to be infested with the most wretched, immoral, malevolent wretches on this entire planet – – that is, the central bankers, headed by the treasonous Jerome Powell – – but there you have it. My theological beliefs do not include the notion of hell, but at times I yearn for such a place to be the final resting place for Powell and his ilk.

I continue to be fully invested in January 2023 puts with the fondest hopes for absolutely financial anarchy. It will take time for the total collapse, of course, since the aforementioned pigs are going to do everything in their power to hold it off, but as God is my witness, not one iota, not one dot, of the prophecies offered on Slope shall fail to come to pass.