Rivian Post-Close

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Those who know me as Mr. Fuddy-Duddy may be surprised that I’m going to be rumbling around in an American-made truck for a couple of weeks in the wilds of North Carolina. The only thing I’ll be missing is a hound dog, but maybe I’ll just have to borrow one. I mention that not just because of the crucial import of Bear Force One (VASTLY more influential than the dumb old CPI and PPI), but also to state that electric truck maker Rivian is announcing earnings this afternoon.

If this market weren’t insane, RIVN is actually just the kind of stock I’d love to buy. I really like this chart, and although I’ve never tried to drive a Rivian, or even read a review, I think they’ve done a terrific job on the design.

I think they’re smart to specialize in one and only one thing. They’re providing something Tesla has no known plans to offer.