The State of SlopeTalk

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For the past couple of months, I have been devoting increasing amounts of attention and cash to the development of SlopeTalk. The introduction and testing of this product has caused some confusion, so I wanted to address some of these issues in the laziest way possible, which is via Q&A:

  • What’s the purpose? – To make the process of communicating with other Slope users easier, more fun, and more interesting.
  • Will it work on mobile devices? – Not at first. Its first incarnation is space-hungry. For the time being, the best way to use comments is going to remain via the Slope of Hope apps.
  • Does the regular style of comments still work? – Yes they do, just as they always have. And they will continue to work indefinitely (perhaps forever) by way of the mobile apps.
  • When will comments only be available via SlopeTalk? – When the experience of using SlopeTalk is so much better than the present incarnation of comments that it makes sense for the Slope to community to be in one location.

If you prefer to use comments in the same fashion they’ve been here the past seventeen years, they are absolutely there for the foreseeable future. In the meanwhile, those of you using SlopeTalk are encouraged to send me ideas and feedback as we continue to refine it; thank you.