The Trillion-Dollar Beard

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Let me begin, for those of you not fully acquainted with my background, that I'm an Apple guy. I worked at Apple for years in the late 1980s. Steve Jobs has been my personal hero since 1982, before 99.9% of you even knew his name. I bought my first of many Macintoshes in 1984, the year it was introduced. I bought my first of many iPhones on the day it came out in 2007. Same with the iPad. So I can out-Apple the best of them.


There has been a lot of talk lately about how Apple is going to become the first trillion-dollar company in the world and/or its stock is going to go to $1,000 share (triple its current value). Eye-catching headlines, yes, and I suppose anything's possible, but it smells to me like wild-eyed bubble-talk, similar to Facebook's $50,000,000,000 valuation.

It all comes down to this: at the risk of being morbid, Steve Jobs isn't immortal. Not only that, but in spite of his healthy lifestyle, he's not going to make anyone's People Who Will Probably Live Longest list. He's been through a lot.

When the day comes………and it will come………that he either falls ill or leaves of his own accord, it will crash the market. Maybe for just one day, but believe me, people will be talking about the "Jobs Crash", and it will have nothing to do with unemployment.

People have made a fortune off Apple stock over the past decade, and God bless 'em. Apple is a great company with great products, great profits, and a great leader. But nothing lasts forever.