In Praise of Slope Contributors

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Before trundling off to my nighttime reading, I just wanted to say thank you to all the folks who regularly 0815-thanks contribute to Slope as guest writers. Off the top of my head, these include Springheel Jack (our early morning companion from across the pond), Strawberry Blonde, Ryan Mallory, TNRevolution, Gary Tanashian, BBFinance, BDI, Mark St.Cyr………and I'm sorry for not remembering more, but it's late.

These folks do Slope a world of good. Their contributions bring more variety to the blog; they keep the place more content-rich; they give us all good ideas and new insights; and, from my selfish point of view, they give me breathing room to see my family now and then.

I am genuinely, truly grateful to everyone who contributes – – and if you've been wanting to write for Slope, feel free to drop me a line. The payment will be as awesome as everyone else receives (specifically, the gratitude of Slopers, including myself). Long story short – – I deeply and genuinely appreciate what the other authors on this blog contribute.