Crafty Conspicious Consolidated Currency Calculation

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Contrary to what many malicious morons maintain, The FED is not made up of irrational, unintelligent, completely clueless policy makers who have utterly no idea what they are effecting.  Let’s get real, they certainly realize exactly where their pernicious preconceived monetary programs are ultimately taking us.

After all, understanding the ramification of their mad money machinations is not rocket science. Flagrant faltering financial and economic signs are everywhere to see for anyone who is actually looking.  Of course, issuing never ending streams of debt to solve an already out of control debt problem is visibly not a viable solution.  They entirely recognize this, a nursery school child could for Pete’s sake.

To use an often sited sarcastic analogy, they are in fact doing “God’s work”;  directed by a pervasive consolidating dominate power base forged from the merger of Multi National Corporate – Int’l Banking – SupraState interests and objectives.  A global monopolistic Goliath of insatiable voracity, which has now achieved overwhelming control and influence over the daily economic affairs of the common man.

Most certainly, the end game is to totally eradicate the presently standing world’s reserve currency.  Clearly, the final pillar to be toppled is the U.S. Dollar, so as to introduce a unipolar world currency backed by an SDR based multinational monetary regime. There can be no doubt that this constrictive construct would serve to further consolidate the grotesque giant grip on the sovereignty of man.

To achieve this ultimate aim the globalist need to completely destabilize the Dollar, and that my friends IS coming.  At the end of the day, this will be yet another historic consolidating banking currency event, and nothing more……same as it ever was.

The only remaining question is whether this will be orchestrated methodically through peaceful negotiations among the major trading nations’ central banks of the world, or violently and abruptly until the last standing global military alliances are victorious.

In our view, the later will prevail. Recorded history certainly points to that most regrettable outcome, as these misguided monolithic monetary plans climatically conclusively collapse…….

In the mean time………………………….Got Gold?