Retesting Broken Suppport

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All of SPX, NDX and RUT formed tight falling wedges from the pre-Brexit highs and all of them broke up yesterday before the close. I called the long on the member only twitter feed at and that was a very nice rally into the open today. So what now?

Our main scenario is looking for a rally into, and fail at, the 2020-30 area. The current HOD is nicely in this area and we are looking for a hard fail here into a lower low below yesterday’s low. If seen that would be supportive of a possible break below the 50% fib retrace target in the 1965 area towards the 61.8% fib retrace target in the 1930 area. If we see a sustained break above 2030, then that will open up a possible retest of broken double top support at 2050 and 5dma resistance currently in the same area. SPX 60min chart:

160628 SPX 60min Rally Targets

On ES I have resistance in the 2015 to 2025 range. ES Sep 60min chart:

160628 ES Sep 60min

I don’t think this retracement low is in yet and ideally we see an AM high here that fails in the right area into lower lows. There is a much better chance of a more significant low at that lower low into at least a larger rally. This tape remains very whippy so if this isn’t your kind of tape then there’s no shame in sitting this out.

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