Salad Days

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Well, since we’re all just sitting around waiting for Yellen, I was thumbing through charts and saw something that’s just plain weird. It’s totally non-actionable; it’s simply interesting to me. Here’s the chart:


Steady, isn’t it? I think there are passbook savings accounts with more volatility.

Want to know the stock? Chipotle! Yes, that Chipotle. For months and months – – years, actually – – the stock just pretty much went up every day a little bit. I have looked at millions of charts (literally) over the years, and this is just freakish.

Of course, those days are long past, since CMG has lost 50% (yes, 50%) of its value, since their e-coli surprise was a turn-off for some diners. Anyway – meh – just thought I’d share.