I’m Inclined to Agree

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We recently added the ability for SlopeCharts to tweet out charts. One user made good use of the feature, and I told him it was a nice-looking chart. I was very pleased at his response:


The reason it’s the best isn’t because of the time I’ve had to work on it (I’ve only started) or the money behind it (which is basically nothing). It has the most nauseating, but truthful ingredient of all: love. Because I care deeply about this stuff and, frankly, the vast majority of other charting vendors seriously don’t give a flying crap, whereas I do.

Just remember: Tim gives a flying crap.

Joking aside, I manage a seven-figure portfolio using ONE and ONLY one tool: my beloved SlopeCharts. So if I trust it this much, maybe you should consider paying up the $0.00 I demand for it and try it too. There aren’t even ads on the freakin’ page, baby.