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As I pledged on Friday, after my feckless (albeit profitable) dumping of QQQ puts, the NASDAQ is doomed at this point. My 25% profit became a “would have been” 125% profit, and the felicitous gods above get big giggles crashing markets after I exit them.

Since I am as good as my word, the NASDAQ, while not crashing, is certainly resuming its slide this morning:


As if this weren’t bad enough – – and to once again demonstrate heaven’s sense of humor – – comes now Dennis “the menace” Gartman as reported in sister site ZeroHedge:


(As a side note, what is it with this guy and “shall“? I did a trial subscription to his $400/month Gartman Letter, and faux Elizabethan language abounds. I wonder if the chap wears pantaloons while typing out such drivel……….)


In any case, we can all rest assured that my exit from those QQQ puts will make me feel even more distressed and hapless than ever.