So Why SlopeCharts?

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As most of you know, SlopeCharts is a product I created this year because ProphetCharts got nuked. This new product is in a state of continuous improvement, and even though last week was a record for usage, I know there are still some holdouts among Slopers who aren’t using this awesome (and free) product.

Therefore, I thought I’d mention a few things to help nudge you folks over that are still using other inferior online chart packages.

It’s Great for Organization Freaks Watch lists are crucial to me, because I am an organization nut (more specifically, completely hung-up anal retentive lunatic). If you like things orderly, come to SlopeCharts, because I guarantee you it handles watch lists better, more elegantly, and more easily than anything else.

Deep, Real Time Data for $0.00 –  We’ve got stocks, ETFs, indexes, futures, cryptocurrencies, plus there’s live, updated all with no exchange fees. It’s hard to beat free.

Drawn Objects Extraordinaire –  Long-time readers know how important trendlines, horizontals, and other drawn objects are to me, so we’ve really focused on making embellishing your chart intuitive, easy, and forgiving.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy –  One thing which stunned me when researching the competition is how unintuitive the products out there are. I’m in my fourth decade of computers, and I found some of the products absolutely vexing. SlopeCharts is stone-cold easy to use.

Automagic Trendlines – I have surprised myself how constantly I use this feature, but it automatically draws trendlines for you, and it does a dynamite job at it.

Goodies for PLUS – Finally, if you’re one of those good souls that is a Slope PLUS subscriber, you’ve got a bevy of goodies exclusively for your use, including far deeper data, custom symbols, shared watch lists, sectors, and dual charts.

I’m not sure what else there is to say except………..give it a try! Here’s a new quick start video: