A Loss of Face

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I first want to apologize for being so non-productive today. I’m pretty sick, so I’ve been spending an exorbitant amount of time in bed surrounded by concerned (well, maybe not) dogs. But Slope must go on, so I wanted to crank out something.

Facebook reported after the close, and although it looks pretty much unchanged at the moment, it was a wild ride so far. I’m on my computer ALL the time, but even I’m amazed Facebook makes as much money as they do. I guess I’m having trouble seeing it, because I spent, tops, 20 minutes a MONTH on Facebook, if that. Anyway, they say they are seeing usage start to slip a bit.


Microsoft, the other big report, isn’t exactly blowing the doors off either.


Even though I have no position, I’m almost obsessed with Thursday evening’s Amazon action. I guess there’s something about a huge stock with a P/E ratio of 329 (!!!!!!) that makes me want it to collapse. We shall see.