Letting Go

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There’s an old saying about how the opposite of love isn’t hate………it’s apathy. I guess there’s some truth to that. I’m definitely feeling it now with respect to the equity “markets”. Years ago, I was madly in love with them. These days, it’s the opposite. But I’m not feeling angry. I’m feeling more like this.

Recent trading has kinda pissed me off. On the last day of the year, there was a false bullish breakout (left green tint) followed by a hard break of the triangle (magenta). So far, so good. But in the first trading day of 2018, the ES pushed right back into the triangle pattern and, bang, above it again. I’m typing this on Tuesday evening, so who knows what it’ll be doing by the time you read this. But as I sit here now, I tell ya, it’s a pisser.


The NQ has been similarly irksome, first breaking its triangle, but back into it and sailing above. A lot of folks are getting completely jerked around. Me included!


I honestly am starting to think this insanity is never going to end. Ever. it wasn’t that long ago that a super-bullish post like the one preceding this would never have even been published on Slope, but now I can totally accept that the bull market may have years left. Absolutely.

So, as I keep hinting, my interest in spending more and more time on product development is surging by the day. Although enough people keep tapping me on the shoulder (including the incredibly successful Davis Ramsey) to move to crypto that I might just put my toe in the water. There’s only such of this crap a fellow can stand!

On that note, I’m going to go test two new features we’re about to roll out on SlopeCharts.