Some Extraordinary Extremes

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Hello from Linz, Austria! I had a long but mercifully uneventful day of traveling. First flying from SFO to Copenhagen. Next flying from CPH to Munich. And finally securing a vehicle to drive from Munich to Linz. Austria isn’t a big country. In the span of 4 hours, you can go from the west to east borders. I’ll finish the journey into Slovakia tomorrow afternoon.

I grew up driving a stick, but it’s been quite a few years before I’ve done so. It turns out that pretty much all the rental cars here are manual. That was a little disturbing to me, since it’s awkward enough to be driving in a foreign nation, but just to add to the sauce, the entire nation seemed to be mired in a thick fog. I obviously made it OK, however, as I drove a couple hundred kilometers and am typing to you right now.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep good ol’ Slope propped up during my travels (which are pretty jam-packed with real-life tasks) until life normalizes next Tuesday/Wednesday. Here are a few extraordinary charts I wanted to share just to show you – – as if you needed any more convincing – – what bizarre times we inhabit.