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It was only yesterday that I put up a post about “Eight Interesting Smaller Cryptos“. Well, they were flying today, and in particular, this honey….WOW!!!

slopechart_$XLM (2)

I mean, Good God, ya’ll, over 60% in the span of hours. And that’s on top of hundreds of percent in just the past couple of months (I know one Sloper whose crypto gains will soon dwarf everything I made by selling Prophet!) Speaking of which, here’s a beast that has thrown off quintuple-digit percentage gains – – just INCREDIBLE:

slopechart_$XRP (1)

I am honestly fighting the urge to join the fun in crypto (partly out of a superstitious belief that the moment I get there, everything will turn to crap). But FOMO is a beast of an emotion. All I can say is this: in stark contrast to the complete piece-of-shit, totally-manipulated stock “market”, cryptos are the WILD WILD WEST where supply and demand and price discovery ACTUALLY FUNCTION, and technical analysis WORKS AS GOD INTENDED!!!!!!!