Stretch Armstrong

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As I type this, the House has passed yet another fund-the-government-a-few-more-days resolution, so now it’s up to the Senate. And when I look at the face below, I see a man of action. I see a man of strength. I see a man who will not compromise. Actually, none of that is true. What I see is a chinless, feckless dweeb who would utterly fail anywhere except the poisonous swamp of Washington D.C. But I suspect he and his insipid colleagues will vomit up enough votes to get the vital, vital services of our federal government running a little while longer. And thank GOD for that, right?


Equities remain historically, incredibly,. and very elevated. Any indicator shows it. Below are the Bollinger Bands and the Dow Composite, which is mashed right up against its highest boundary.


Although Dennis can still grace us with his expert guidance during these confusing times.


The NASDAQ Composite isn’t any different.


The small caps offer a little ray of hope, as they remain under a broken trendline.


For myself, I am doing OK, with short positions focused in real estate, financials, and energy. Stretch Armstrong is holding tough, but let’s not forget – – cut him open, and it’s still just a bunch of red goo inside.