Weekly Money Flow: Week 5 January 2018

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The following 1-year chart grids and 1-week gains/losses graphs show, at a glance, where a variety of major world markets are trading and how much they gained/lost this past week. They are presented without individual commentary. The charts will, however, simply show, at a glance, minor and major support/resistance levels in the form of 20 & 50-day moving averages and price swings/consolidation levels, as well as which markets are leaders or laggards in their performance during the 1-year period.

For my detailed analyses that I’ve completed over the past couple of weeks, especially this last week, on some of these markets, you can review them on my Blog at your leisure.

Major U.S. Indices

Major U.S. Sectors

Major European Indices

EEM & BRIC ETFs and BRICS Indices

Other World Indices


Currencies and 30-YR U.S. Bonds