Hadrian’s Wall

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First, I’m pleased to see so many newcomers join and give themselves cool avatars. Remember, if you don’t have an avatar yet, go to the Profile Page and give yourself a spiffy image there. You’ll instantly be one of the cool kids.

I’m again encouraged by what I see this morning. I beefed up my shorts yesterday (coming into the day with 60 positions and using 200% buying power). It’s red across the board, which is my lifelong favorite color. Below is the NQ, which has gone through some interesting phases lately. We had our top above the yellow tint, a nice drop, and then followed by our monster drop (magenta tint) and ridiculous, required-by-law rebound up to the green tint resistance. My fingers are crossed that there’s no bounce left, since the unsolvable myriad of problems pressing upon the globe are slowly being realized by the more blinkered among us.


And now, for your moment of Zen, here is batshit-crazy Turkmenistan dictator Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow presenting Putin with a puppy. Putin may hate people, but by God, he knows the decent way to handle  dog.