Charlie Delta

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Following up on my Whiskey Tango Foxtrot post, it seems that the antique-shopping, mincing, taffeta dress-wearing equity bulls aren’t getting the “Alpha” or “Bravo” rallies I had suggested might transpire, so now we’re looking at “Charlie” and “Delta“. Because the effete bulls are so accustomed to getting bailed out by our corrupt government at the slightest sign of any weakness – – criminal cowards that they all are – – they are probably waiting for Trump to tweet out some kind of chubby surrender. We shall see. For the moment, October continues to be a very good month indeed.

Our valiant Treasury Secretary’s gold-digging, failed soft-porn actress of a wife, featured below, presents to us the fall in the NQ today alone. What’s exciting, of course, is that we’re just getting into the thick of earnings season. As NFLX has plainly demonstrated, we are at “peak earnings” now, so even the BEST news only excites people for a few minutes before all hell breaks loose again.