Slope’s Most Gorgeous Page Ever

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I am absolutely thrilled to unveil another improvement is the ever-improving Slope of Hope. As proud as I am of the many components of the site, particularly SlopeCharts, this new page we’re launching is the most aesthetically-pleasing in nearly 14 years of history. Here’s the new menu item to get there:

What you’ll see (once the page loads – – it takes a few seconds) is a gorgeously-rendered diagram of who is reporting for the week, organized by before market/after market and arranged in terms of importance. Just look at this:

If you click on any logo, it will take you to the SlopeChart of that particular company. At the top of the page, you can scroll backward in time (left arrow) or forward in time (right arrow) to see what other weeks look like.

I’d like to make a few remarks about this new page:

  1. I realize it could be faster. There is a LOT of information being assembled, including the logos. The good news is that once the page is loaded, it will load instantly if you start scrolling backward and forward through weeks. We might find ways to speed this up in the future.
  2. Starting this week, we’re going to start including this information every Friday in the Slope of Hope Daily Digest (which everyone gets for free when they register to use the site). You can check your Profile to make sure your notifications are on to receive this email.
  3. If you have any suggestions for anything else you’d like to see from this page, let me know!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this spiffy new addition to the site. Everyone is welcome to use it.