What Comes Next?

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What happens next week? What even happens on Monday morning? (As I’m typing this on Saturday evening, I’m wondering what happens when Sunday opens up). It’s a big question on everyone’s mind, because last week was so out of the ordinary.

Simple chartist that I am, I can merely point out to a couple of important price levels. One of them is 2800, which is, conveniently, a nice simple number to remember.

If we look at more data, we can understand the especial importance of this level, since it is roughly around the same point of the trendline failure. If there is enough strength to power past 2800, I’d say approximately 2870 is the next zone worthy of close observation.

By the way, if I’m ever caught as one of the biggest tax cheats of all time, can I start a war with Saudi Arabia to change the subject? Asking for a friend.