Ignore No More!

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As many of you know, Slope’s comments section has the rather unique feature of being able to ignore someone. While the vast majority of Slopers get along, let’s face it, sometimes there’s someone who just rubs you the wrong way. You can ignore them with a single mouse click.

However, what if you want to UN-ignore them? Maybe you ignored someone accidentally, or perhaps you’ve become best buddies with the person you used to despise. Well, I’m glad to let you know we have re-introduced the ability to reverse your decision!

It’s very easy to do. Just click the Account link in the upper right of your screen.

Once on the Account screen, you’ll see a new section. Click the button “Examine and Modify List“:

You will then be presented with a list of anyone you are ignoring. All you have to do is click Unignore and, bang, they are back in your life and in your comments stream!