Day Fourteen

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Over the course of just fourteen trading days, the market has added thousands of points to the Dow and hundreds of points to the S&P 500, virtually without interruption:

Mnuchin and Louise Linton, PhD. (Economics)

While at the same time crushing volatility by 50%:

And it did all of this during:

  • the most prolonged government shutdown in history;
  • absolutely no reason to believe the shutdown will end in the near future;
  • dismal economic data globally;
  • earnings that can best be described as ho-hum;
  • absolutely zero progress in a China Trade War whose “trade truce” is already half over.

I shudder to think of how high the market would be with GOOD news.

Here are some of the big cash indexes; as you can see, they are all “re-connecting” with major drawn objects as well as important moving averages.

I fear if we get much more of this market strength, I may lose my sunny disposition.