Alert! Alert!

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I’m got some awfully cool news about Slope.

In the nearly 14 years this site has been around, we’ve never done alerts. Now we do. This is the newest feature to emanate from SlopeRules. What I’m about to show you is the first method of establishing alerts. There are other, better methods coming very soon.

In order to create an automatic alert from Slope about any of your symbols which are “triggered” by a SlopeRules rule set, start by choosing the watchlist you want to monitor. Right-click on the watchlist, and choose which SlopeRules in your library that you would like to apply.


It will take a while for our systems to process the entire history of each of your symbols through whichever SlopeRules you selected. The bigger the watchlist, the longer it will take. Once it is done, however, you will be presented with the test results list, and at the very top you will see a boldfaced red notification like the one shown here:


As stated, just by clicking that hyperlink, you will tell our servers to run the selected SlopeRules against the selected watchlist and email you with any triggers. The notification instantly changes to indicate that you are now monitoring that watchlist.


At the end of each trading day, our servers will use the updated data for all the watchlists and SlopeRules you have selected and will submit to you an email that tells you the symbol, the rule name, the action (whether an Open or Close) and direction (whether Long or Short) which has been triggered. You are also provided a chart hyperlink which, if clicked, will present to you that chart of that symbol with all the trades highlighted based on that particular SlopeRules set.


You may decide in the future to cease following some of these SlopeRules, and you can manage the list from your own Accounts page (which is also referenced via the blue button shown in the email above). You will see a button on the Accounts page like this:


This button, if clicked, will present to you a customized page like the one below showing the SlopeRules/Watchlist combinations you are using, giving you the opportunity to click Delete for any of them.