Successful MACD Example

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Since we added another indicator, MACD, to SlopeRules, I thought I’d give it a try. I came up with this very simple rule set. I wanted to point out that I made the MACD particularly slow (large numbers of days) so that signals were infrequent. Here’s what it looks like (although I have published it):


Testing it against the SPY, the results are quite solid!


Here are the trades expressed in chart form, which is an automatic feature of SlopeRules:


The one “dud” in the group didn’t last long enough to cause any real damage:


I flipped the rules upside-down to see how it did with short sales. There were only two winning trades, but surprisingly, it actually managed to still turn out a profit, albeit a tiny one.


Lastly, I applied the bullish rule to my entire “Perma-Risers” watchlist; naturally, the results were even more impressive.


I’ll repeat myself: try SlopeRules. Experiment. And share by way of the Publish button the ones you find most intriguing.