Help Me Create Order

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I have a very good problem on my hands, and I need your creativity to solve it. My problem is that people are embracing SlopeRules, and the quantity and variety of rules is getting simply unwieldy.


People who know me even a little bit know that I am an organization freak. The runaway success of that Marie Kondo lady on Netflix drives me nuts, because I have been scurrying around tidying up, organizing, putting things in boxes, and throwing things away since I was a little kid. I am a hung-up, anal-retentive organization maniac, and I have channeled this mental illness into the creation of a website who products have unprecedented tidiness.

However, I cannot allow 50, 100, and then hundreds of SlopeRules to exist within the confines of some big-ass paginated list. That’s completely unappealing to the reader. It’s inaccessible. It’s thick. It doesn’t draw the reader in.

This is the kind of project I normally love, since I’ll just whip out a huge sheet of paper and design a new visualization. At the moment, however, I am leaning against a giant concrete column in a convention center, and I’d rather hear your ideas first to help give me some direction.

So leave a comment with your thoughts, or drop me an email. The point is to make published SlopeRules easy for people to explore.