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We interrupt your regularly scheduled day with breaking results from SlopeRules!

While Tim and his team are busy working on their next innovation, it’s time to delve into what profitable results your fellow Slopers have found and shared.

8/13/21 EMA Momentum by Baby Bear

Sloper Baby Bear put his own twist on the popular Slim Ribbon with profit and stop loss targets of 25% target and 8% loss.

Baby Bear’s creation wins on $SPY just 51.61% of the time, and had only 31 total trades over the backtested period…

But the average win turned out to be 25.61%, with an average loss of just 7.73%!

Overall, the strategy returned 9.48% per trade.

Amazing RSI by Daxle

Sloper Daxle combined the popular Relative Strength Index with a few moving averages to come up with a high win percentage trade strategy.

Daxle took the RSI (14), and looked at the relation ship with the 30, 50, 100, and 200 simple moving averages.

Daxle found that when the moving averages are stacked bullish (i.e. the 30 > 50 > 100 > 200), and the RSI crossed over 49 … a win percentage rate of 65.74% on $SPY when using the exit condition of either an RSI cross beneath 60, OR the 50-SMA cross beneath the 65-SMA.

Now the average win only totaled 1.67%, but the average loss is less at 1%. The backtest found a total of 108 trades, so file this among the incremental edges win list. Remember how important small edges are to overall success.

Buy the Dip by Mississippi Man

SlopeCharts power user Mississippi Man combined four different Fibonacci moving averages and the RSI to discover another trading edge for SPY.

First he stacked a longer pair of simple moving averages (34 > 89) and then used a shorter pair (5 crossing above the 13) as an entry trigger. He then filtered that entry for times when the RSI (14) is equal or above 50.

For an exit, he used a greater than 2% drawdown from peak.

His results show an example in why win rate isn’t everything:

48.31% winning trades over the lookback period
Average win = 3.52%
Average loss = 1.60%
Overall an 0.87% edge per trade over 89 trades

13/89 EMA trend price cross above, target CCI (89) 2SD – by Moneymiser21

Your humble author took a crack at finding what the CCI could do to help improve your trading.

This is a bullish set-up that fires when the 13 EMA is above or equal to the 89 EMA. Price must cross and close above the 13 EMA.

The target is a cross above the CCI (89) +200 line (which represents 2 standard deviations from the 89 moving average), or a cross beneath the CCI (89) zero line.

I found another example of why the win rate isn’t everything:

Total trades: 94
Win rate: 48.94%
Average win: 6.04%
Average loss: 2.02%
Overall: 1.92% per trade

You can find these strategies, copy them, and CREATE YOUR OWN with SlopeRules.

Just go to SlopeCharts > Place your cursor over the “Tools” menu, and select either “Create SlopeRules” or “Search SlopeRules.”

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