The Curtain Rises Soon

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Over the past few months, we have added so many features to Slope, it’s easy to forget just how many earnings-relevant tools there are. (And this week, I’m going to roll out another one I think you’re going to love). For those newer to the site, I wanted to summarize the key earnings features.

  • Earnings Calendar – this shows all the stocks reporting earnings on any given day. You can filter based on whether they report before the open, after the close, or (rarely) during market hours. Service level required: Bronze or higher. 
  • Days Until Earnings – displays a parenthetical number next to all the symbols in your watchlist that having earnings announcements within a user-defined number of days. I love this feature, because I can see in bright red precisely what symbols that I follow have events coming up, and how far out they are. Service level required: Bronze or higher. 
  • Show Earnings Events on SlopeCharts: puts an “E” on every date on a chart when an earnings event took place (or will take place). Mousing over any of these letters will display more information about that particular earnings event.
  • Custom Earnings Calendar – this cross-correlates your watchlists to the earnings calendar and provides you a bespoke calendar of earnings events. Choose any specific watchlist, and it will present to you, sorted chronologically, when earnings are coming out. This is obviously far more valuable than an earnings calendar with every stock, 99% of which you don’t care about. Service level required: Diamond. 
  • Price Change Chart – when you first see this chart, it looks nuts, but it’s absolutely fascinating. It shows what any given stock did leading up to its earnings event, and all the quarters are overlaid on top of one another. There’s almost nothing else like it out there. Service level required: Diamond 
  • Earnings Reactions – This histogram illustrates what the stock price did immediately following the release of each quarter’s report going back as far as we have in our database. Service level required: Diamond.

As you can see, there’s a lot here, and for those of you who are into options-based trade around earnings events, Diamond is clearly the best choice.