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The Slope of Hope has been around a very long time: over fourteen years, and getting better all the time. What start off as a simple off-the-shelf blog has morphed into something bigger than Prophet.net ever was…….

In spite of Slope’s growth, the backbone of the site, which dates back to its earliest days, is the comments section. Slope has an extremely active comments section, and countless rich friendships have sprouted from the loamy soil of the Slope community. It’s a place for gossip, sharing news, talking about trading, and learning from one another.

In spite of ceaseless improvements to so many other aspects of the site, the comments section has been ignored. However, this part of the site has a special place in my heart, because it was the very first customized code we created for Slope. It was, quite simply, Slope’s first product.

Although, even after all these years, it’s still a much better comments platform than other sites are using, it still had room for improvement. I am delighted to announce those improvements are live, right now, starting with this post.

Now, unlike snazzy new features in, say, SlopeCharts, don’t expect any new functionality just yet. It should actually look no different than the system you’ve used for years. What’s going on beneath the surface, however, is totally different.

From now on, the comments section should feel so fast, free-flowing, and automatic, that it borders on a group chat as opposed to a discussion board. I am guessing, in fact, that the sheer quantity of comments goes way up, simply because it should feel (there’s that word again) much more like a live conversation than just posting notes on a bulletin board.

It’s still a holiday weekend, so things are quiet, but I’m looking forward to the heat of the trading day to see how it goes. I hope you notice a radical improvement in the entire experience. And feel free to make as many goofy and useless comments as you like. Let’s really put this thing through the wringer.

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