Curse of the B.R.N.

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Good morning, Slopers. Well, it looks like the terminus of escape velocity is occurring at anywhere above 3,000 on the /ES…….

And 8,000 on the NQ……………

The next 48 hours are going to be fascinating. In that brief timespan:

  • AAPL earnings after the close today;
  • Rumors, chatter, and soybeans from the China/US trade talks;
  • Jerome “I hope the President likes the skirt I’m wearing” Powell doing his sycophantic, toadying, fawning, flattering, obsequious kowtowing for all to see.

As for my own positioning, I’m in 48 individual shorts with a commitment level of 171%. I’ve also got a very nice new feature in SlopeCharts for you that I hope to announce within those same 48 hours.

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