Musty MSCI

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I gotta tell ya, it’s a figurative as well as literal pain in the butt to try to manage a zillion positions from a tiny laptop with a whisper-thin Internet connection from seven miles above the Earth……..but I’m managing.

Below is a short I just entered: the MSCI EAFE ETF symbol EFA, with a stop-loss at 67.00:

A closer look reveals the horizontal resistance it is approaching.

As an aside, I must applaud bonds once again, as TLT has pushed to yet another lifetime high. The bond bull market has been going on for almost 40 years at this point, and I see no sign of it stopping since, let’s face it, the global economic anemia that is just taking hold isn’t going to be able to support interest rates higher than, oh, say, negative five percents or so.

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