Silver Sale

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Membership prices for Bronze and Silver are going up on Thursday. That means for new members, starting Thursday, the monthly and annual fees will be higher (this does not applying to existing users, including those who sign up between now and Wednesday; for them, the lower prices are locked in as long as they hold their subscriptions).

Besides locking in the lower price, prospective silver members should keep in mind the features they get with their membership. Here are some of them:

  • SlopeMATRIX Streaming Quotes
  • Candlestick Hunter
  • Continuous Futures Contracts
  • Pre-Defined Public Watchlists
  • Ten Years of History in SlopeCharts
  • Intraday Stock Charts
  • SlopeRules Searching
  • Automated Trendlines
  • Saveable Chart Styles
  • FOREX Charts
  • Instant Trendlines
  • Faster Auto-Refresh
  • Technical Analysis Videos

For those who aren’t yet members, you can sign up by clicking here. For more savings, you can sign up for annual (pay for 10, get 12 months) by clicking here. I have literally three Joy of Charting books left (I’m not going to print anymore), so if you’re one of the first three that get an annual, I’m going to ship you a signed copy of that as well.