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I work so hard for you people. I honestly do. And I am slowly losing my mind. Really.

Remember how I was pissing and moaning about the huge bank which had the completely error-free, totally screwed-up options playbook? The bank that rhymes with the word Rally? Well, I shouldn’t pick on them. Because EVERY SINGLE “PLAYBOOK” OUT THERE HAS ERRORS!

The most recent one I stumbled upon was from a huge financial institution which rhymes with Ridelity Investments. Oh my GOD, I cannot believe what I’m having to deal with here. Just check this out:


Do you know what this is called? (Emphasis and arrows were obviously from me). It’s a CIRCULAR REFERENCE. In other words, IMPOSSIBLE TO RESOLVE. Want to know why? BECAUSE IT’S WRONG!!!!!!!

I have been mired in this stew for way too long, and it’s utterly clear to me what’s going on. ALL THESE THINGS ARE CUT & PASTE JOBS. Whoever writes them gets sick and tired of it (and God knows I can see why), and eventually they just start cutting and pasting and changing a few words, hoping they got it right. But it isn’t right. It’s erroneous.

I daresay once I done with this goddamned thing, we’ll have the only accurate one on the planet. In the meanwhile, for the love of all that is holy, check out this latest one to see if it’s right. And email me if there’s an issue. Email. You know. E. Mail. Not leave in comments.

Thank you. God bless.