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As I mentioned in my last post, I was slack-jaw shocked to discover that the beautifully-crafted options strategy guide published by a major, publicly-traded bank is, in fact, stone cold wrong. I was using this as a principal reference for my own education and construction of Slope’s own strategy guide, and I was beyond perturbed to discover that the published options strategies of an $11 billion (market cap) bank absolutely sucks out loud. Incredible.

So, tiny little not-quite-$11-billion Slope wants to get it right, and I need your help. I’d like those among you who actually know what they are doing with respect to options to look over my Options Guide for any trouble. I actually think it’s pretty solid, but in particular I would appreciate your scrutiny of:

I’m most concerned about the first one. I’d like to note there are MANY more strategies I need to put together, but I want to make sure we’re good-to-go at this point.

Please email me after you’ve looked it over, even if just to say it looks all right. I genuinely thank you.