Earnings Quartet

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Here’s an interesting little chart from my friends at tastytrade showing the quantity of earnings reports coming out. As you can see, next Wednesday is the mega-monster, but this week is still plenty busy.


Below are four interesting charts of companies reporting between today’s close and tomorrow’s opening. I’ve shared a few words about each in the caption. The first two report tonight, the second two in the morning.

slopechart TXN
This thing has been a rock-solid monster. I suspect it’ll just keep cruising ever higher.
slopechart SNAP
This thing has been nothing but surprises since its IPO. For a while, it kept getting killed, but it turned itself around, remarkably. My hunch is a disappointment, but I’m taking on position.
slopechart BA
This is the only one of these four in which I have a position (short). This is obviously an incredibly messy chart, but I’ll cover my short if we push above that price gap.
slopechart CAT
Caterpillar has been in a right triangle formation for a while, but today it seems to be pushing above its trendline. I expect this one will rally after earnings.