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As much as I’ve been obsessively following the WeWork story, I didn’t even realize until a few minutes ago that I could chart SoftBank (their feckless investor) in SlopeCharts! The symbol is SFTBY , and here’s how the company has been doing lately:

Oh, and if you didn’t hear already………….or if you’ve just swallowed poison and need to vomit immediately, the story making the rounds today is how SoftBank is shelling out $200 million to master grifter Adam Neumann (part of a total $1.7 billion payout) just get the hell out of the company he put into flames in the first place.

Now that Neumann has managed to become a billionaire with one of the worst corporate train wrecks in history, he can hang out at home, basking in the warm presence of his lovely wife and her alluring smile.